Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades Feasterville, Pennsylvania (PA) the year-round benefits of vertical cellular shades

Year-Round Vertical Cellular Shades

July 20th, 2021 General

While often time talk of insulation makes us think about the wintertime, the truth is that insulation plays a role in maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere year-round. And while temperatures may change year-round, the way cellular shades protect our homes and make them more comfortable places to do not. It is the cellular, spheroidal shape of the vanes in honeycomb shades that create the benefits that homeowners enjoy year-round including increased insulation and light control. And while the construction style of all cellular honeycomb shades remains the same, the shades individually are quite customizable and so can be used on windows, doors, skylights, and specialty shapes. Additionally, cellular honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas are available with several different options for operating systems including UltraGlide® Operating System, LiteRise® Cordless Lift System, PowerView® Motorization, SkyLift™, and Vertiglide™ for both horizontal and vertical cellular shades.

Benefits of year-round insulation

The most popular benefit of having cellular shades is that they are great insulators, which in turn makes them great at improving the energy efficiency of a home. Windows and glass-paned doors are points of weakness when creating an energy-efficient house because up to 30% of a home’s energy (i.e., heat in the winter and cooling in the summer) can be lost through windows. And unprotected windows not only let energy out, but they also allow unwanted energy to enter; for example, in the summer when keeping summertime heat out is a crucial part of maintaining a cool, indoor environment. By insulating your windows and doors with cellular honeycomb shades, you can more efficiently create a comfortable indoor atmosphere whether that’s warm and welcoming in the winter or light and cool in the summer. As the first honeycomb shade to be designed to work year-round, Duette® Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas are innovative and ideal for the cold temperatures of winter and the hotter temperatures of summer.

Benefits of Year-Round Light Control

Cellular honeycomb shades not only help you take control of energy transfer through windows and glass doors, but they also let homeowners take control of natural light. Being able to control natural light within a home is functionally optimal because natural illumination is both beautiful and free. Additionally, complete light control is especially important in rooms of the home that require either total privacy or darkness. The bedroom, for example, needs both total privacy and a darkened environment at night to create a room where you feel comfortable sleeping. Duette® Honeycomb Shades are available with their exclusive LightLock™ system to create incredibly dark interiors that are also protected from prying eyes. Combine the cellular shade’s ability to control light, maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, and the fact that they can also block up to 70% of sound energy; and it’s no wonder why both horizontal and vertical cellular shades are a popular choice for bedroom window treatments.

Blind Builders carries both horizontal and vertical cellular shades, and with a design team on hand, they can help you customize window treatments that benefit your home year-round. Contact Blind Builders online by requesting a consultation, or stop by the showroom location near Feasterville, Pennsylvania. Blind Builders serves areas in eastern Pennsylvania including Bucks County, Montgomery County, Newtown, Yardley, Doylestown, Warrington, and Feasterville PA.