Three Steps for a Brighter, Happier Home near Feasterville, Pennsylvania (PA), including New Paint

Three Steps for a Brighter, Happier Home

May 1st, 2020 General

For many of us, our homes are our safe havens. After all, a house is where we are most comfortable! This is mostly because your home is a place of your own where you can pick and choose how to use the space. A home also offers privacy and the ability to relax and do whatever you want. However, if your home seems dim and cramped, it can be harder to feel truly comfortable and happy in your space. With these steps from Blind Builders, you can transform your home. Read on to learn our three steps for a brighter, happier home.

Exploring Renovations

If you own your home and are completely unhappy with your space, it might make sense to explore renovations. While it is often tempting to pack up and move on to another home, renovating a house you already own saves you the hassle of moving while allowing you to truly design the space of your dreams. Even when you are house hunting, you will find that you have to make certain concessions. With renovations, you can design the existing space to fit your needs. For a dim and cramped house, this might mean knocking down some walls and moving to a more open concept. While renovating a home can be a significant investment, your decision will pay off in the end. This is why exploring renovations is one of our top three steps for a brighter, happier home.


Of course, there are some cases where renovations do not make sense or are not necessary. If you rent your home or are mostly happy with the layout of your space, redecorating might be the solution you need to brighten your home. That is why redecorating lands on our list of top three steps for a brighter, happier home. For example, you can start with a fresh coat of paint and quickly revamp the color palette of your home’s interior design. If your home is older, the color choices throughout the rooms might be a little questionable. Repainting your home allows you to choose colors that help create the mood you want and lets you redecorate with complementary items and features. In fact, choosing light, neutral colors can make your home feel more open and offers you the flexibility of adding splashes of color to accentuate certain feelings.

Maximizing Light Control

Last but not least one of the three steps for a brighter, happier home is maximizing light control. When you think of a brighter home, you might think of more light. People need sunlight for improved moods and even necessary vitamins. It makes sense then that maximizing light control in your home will create a brighter, happier space. The best way to brighten your home with natural light is by installing window treatments that offer flexibility. While all window treatments meet your basic needs of being able to open and close them as necessary to maximize light or maximize privacy, some styles allow you to balance the two. For example, blinds and modern window shadings can be completely lowered, but you can still adjust the tilt of the slats or fabric vanes to let light filter through.


With a variety of window treatments from Blind Builders, you can maximize light control and enjoy a brighter, happier home. Located in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, we serve the surrounding area including Warrington, Doylestown, Newtown, and Yardley. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!