Selecting Sheers and Shadings for Your Home near Feasterville, Pennsylvania (PA) like Luminette for Drapery-like Fabrics

Selecting Sheers and Shadings for Your Home

September 13th, 2019 General

Sheers and shadings are versatile window treatment options, making them ideal for any home. The opacity determines how much or how little light filters through, you can open them to different levels to allow more or less light, and you can pair them with curtains or other drapery. But what if you could customize the angle of them as well, like you would with blinds? With sheers and shadings from Hunter Douglas, that is now an option, combining fabric vanes with sheer panels. Visit Blind Builders in Feasterville, Pennsylvania to see our full line of Hunter Douglas products.

Silhouette® Window Shadings feature the delicate, light appearance of customizable fabric options while offering the privacy and light control of blinds. This is accomplished with a uniquely engineered construction that attaches S-shaped vanes to panels of a sheer fabric. These vanes are then adjustable, allowing you to tilt and move them to let more or less light in. When the vanes are open, light comes in with diffusion through the sheer fabric. When they are closed, you can increase your privacy and block out light. With the sheer panel of fabric, your view of the outdoors is not obstructed by cords or tapes that connect the vanes, and you get the added benefit of turning harsh light into a soft glow. These shades have three different size options for the vanes, and you can choose amongst varying opacities.

With a similar design concept, Pirouette® Window Shadings are a modern and bold window covering option. The vanes on this product are created with softly contoured fabric that are controlled by adjusting the curve of the fabric. By adjusting the vanes to their maximum contoured shape, you open the shades and allow light to filter through the sheer fabric. To close the shades and increase your privacy, you can completely flatten the vanes. This product is available with two different vane sizes as well as in both light-dimming and translucent fabric. Pirouette® Window Shadings are also great for any size window, and they can be customized in specialty shapes.

The third window treatment option that uses this innovative design is Luminette® Privacy Sheers. This product is great for large picture windows, sliding windows, and other wide expanses of glass. The fabric vanes affixed to the sheer fabric are vertical, and they can rotate a complete 180 degrees, maximizing light control. With the vanes closed, you can enjoy the traditional appearance of drapery, but you can then open the vanes to let soft light fill the room. You can also choose from a variety of fabrics to further cater to your light and privacy preferences. These sheers are available with either a side opening, which is great for sliding doors, or a center opening.

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