Upgrade with premium motorized window treatments near Feasterville, Pennsylvania (PA), including voice-control operation

Premium Motorized Window Treatments

January 8th, 2020 General

As we move into the new year, many of us are met with added stress and pressure. From jumping into resolutions and living our best lives, this time of year usually has higher expectations. For many homeowners, the pressure of keeping a dinner-party ready home all year long is a goal they hope to achieve. Often, some people worry about whether their homes are clean enough and may feel like some family members and friends are studiously checking out the décor. However, if you know you have the finest quality items adorning your space, you can rest assured that there are no true criticisms. With premium window treatments from Blind Builders, you can wow your guests. Read on to discover how you can give your home an upgrade with premium motorized window treatments!

Upgrade with Fabrics

Before you can upgrade with premium motorized window treatments, you have to choose a shade to motorize! Sometimes, your window treatments are forgotten because they are commonplace within your home. They serve their purpose, and you get used to them. However, once you bring a crowd into your home, your window treatments take more of the spotlight. Whether its due to children at the window speculating about whether it will snow, guests gathering to chat about the neighbors or just the weather, or quieter family members retreating to glance outside, your window treatments are more noticeable than usual. That’s why they need to exhibit a new level of beauty.

With the Alustra® Woven Textures collection from Hunter Douglas, you can add refined luxury and world-class style to your home. That’s because the fabrics are sourced from some of the best options around the world. You can choose from different fabric types, colors, patterns and styles, and once you’ve made your selections, your window treatments will be constructed with care and precision in the United States. In addition to the high-quality, premium fabric selection, you have the option to enhance your light control with the Duolite® feature. This feature includes a separate liner that can lower behind your shade to block light as needed without cluttering your window with extra hardware.

Upgrade with PowerView®

Once your guests have admired the stylish design of your window treatments, you can wow them with PowerView® Motorization. This wireless operation system brings the control of your shades right to your fingertips. Using a remote control or a mobile device with the PowerView App, you can control a single shade or a group of window treatments with the touch of a button. Using the app, you can label each window treatment and assign them to a room. You can also schedule Scenes by naming the Scene, setting your preferred window treatment positions, and then scheduling them to operate automatically at a specific time. For example, you could schedule your window treatments to automatically lower around dinner time or when the evening ends as a cue to your guests. No matter how you schedule your windows, you will love enjoying upgrading with premium motorized window treatments!


At Blind Builders, our expert staff can help you find exactly what you need, whether you want to dress your window to impress or you just want the basics covered. Located in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, we proudly serve Bucks and Montgomery counties, including Warrington, Doylestown, Newtown and Yardley. If you’re ready to make a change and are looking for an easy and personal shopping experience, contact us today!