Main Line Shutters

Blind Builders is a local family owned and operated business specializing in custom window treatments, including window shutters.

Shutters (also called plantation shutters) are both highly detailed and uniquely crafted. Expert knowledge and measuring is essential.

Wood Shutters: Handcrafted from premium basswood that is treated and cured for long term stability and endurance, wood shutters enhance the room by providing either a classic or modern feel, depending on how they’re designed.

Composite Wood Shutters: Featuring a solid engineered wood core that is enclosed in a patented coating, these shutters are perfect for any environment, and will add an open and inviting feel to your room.

Vinyl Shutters: The advanced Duralux™ Finish combines the beautiful look of a finely painted shutter with the unmatched durability of Polysatin, making it a popular option at the shore.

Our goal is to make your shopping experience easy and personal. We take time to understand individual preferences and work with you to find the right product for your needs, style and budget.

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The Main Line is a collection of affluent suburban communities along the old Main Line of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which ran parallel to Lancaster Avenue to the northwest of Center City Philadelphia. In the 19th century, several wealthy families built sprawling country estates along the Main Line, often having one home in the city and one larger home in a more rural area. With many towns located on the steep cliffs along the Schuylkill River, the scenery in the area is known to be breathtakingly beautiful.

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