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March 8th, 2021 General

When choosing blinds often we focus on the visual aspects. Do we want the flowing drama of drapes or streamlined authority of blinds? Would they look best in neutral tones or should we add a pop of color or pattern? And while these aesthetic ponderings are necessary don’t forget that some of the most important features of window treatments are often hidden like the operating system. For example, motorized blinds utilize an automated system that can be concealed behind/with-in a window treatment or topper, and though unseen it affects the daily operation and overall usefulness of the blinds. Motorization is one of the best ways to update window decor because it offers an array of functional and design benefits, which is why we love motorized blinds so much.

PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas is a motorized operational system that works with most Hunter Douglas products. The motorized maneuverability of PowerView® Automation results in several additional benefits for homeowners including time-saving convenience; improved energy efficiency; and increased privacy and security.

Heightened Convenience to Save Time

Motorized blinds are perfect for hard-to-reach windows because you can operate the window treatment without the tedious need to manually reach the blinds. And it’s not just the troublesome window treatments that become easier to operate, motorized blinds eliminate the time-wasting chore of manually opening and closing all blinds. After all, if it takes you just 3 minutes in the morning to open blinds and 3 minutes at night to close them that adds up to nearly 40 hours a year. That’s an entire work weeks’ worth of your time! Motorized blinds can do that work for you, and with the programmable options available with PowerView® Automation they can do it without your daily effort saving time through convenience.

Improved Efficiency

Since it’s estimated up to 30% of a home’s energy can escape through windows, shoring up this weakness is important for energy efficiency. Window treatments, like motorized horizontal blinds, can help improve energy efficiency in two ways. When closed blinds act as a solid barrier insulating the home and blocking energy loss; when open blinds can allow in valuable natural light that alleviates the need for artificial light and reduces the need for artificial heat both of which have cost saving implications for the heating and/or cooling bill for a home. However, the energy efficiency of blinds depends on the consistent and correct use of blinds which need to be maneuvered throughout the day, every day for optimal performance. Motorized blinds take care of the movement for you, and with automated scheduling options that can be cued into your lifestyle or the natural light schedule specific to your home location the optimal usage can be achieved without you having to do anything on a day-to-day basis.

Increased Privacy and Security

Motorized blinds (both Venetian blinds and vertical blinds) can help protect your home whether you’re home or away. When you’re home, they ensure utter privacy for doors or windows; when you’re away motorized blinds act as another layer of security. Like leaving a light on a timer when you’re on vacation to create the illusion of occupancy, motorized blinds provide the same safety-minded feature as their movement can help deter thieves. And because PowerView® Automation can be operated via an app, homeowners can retain control of their window treatments using a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

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