Enjoy Convenience with Automated Shades near Feasterville, Pennsylvania (PA) like Powerview Automation and energy efficiency

Enjoy Convenience with Automated Shades

April 7th, 2020 General

In the last couple of decades, a slew of products have been released that make life easier and more convenient. With the rapid innovation in the field of technology, we have gone from connecting with people over the phones in our home, to having access to phones in our cars, to having a phone with us at all times. Now that phone is used for more than just communicating. Rather it is the hub to our lives—we connect with friends and family, manage our schedules, work and send files, and even control appliances and devices within our homes. If you control more than three devices or appliances in your home through your phone, you could probably consider yourself a participant in the smart home movement. With Powerview® Automation, you can now enjoy the convenience of automated shades from Blind Builders.

Convenience usually encompasses three things: ease of use, saving time, and, sometimes, saving money. With Powerview Automation, controlling your shades has reached a new level of ease of use. While operating window treatments has never been difficult, sometimes reaching around furniture and other home features to access cords and wands was. With automated shades, you have the convenience of controlling multiple shades from a remote control or your mobile device wirelessly. Plus, you can schedule the shades to operate automatically through the Powerview App, so once you have your preferences set, you can enjoy the convenience of never thinking about opening or closing your shades.

Like many smart home products, this easy to use operation system also saves you time. According to Alarms.org, the majority of Americans with a smart home agree that the products save them at least 30 minutes every day. With automated window treatments, you save time by not having to walk from window to window throughout your whole home just to adjust the window treatments. If you take advantage of the ability to schedule and automate the movement of your shades, then you save even more time since you can set it and forget it.

While convenience doesn’t always mean saving money, in the case of automated window treatments, saving money is a real possibility, especially if you have insulating shades like honeycomb shades. By scheduling the movement of your shades, you can plan for temperature changes based on sunlight. For example, if it is winter and you want to reduce your heating costs, you can schedule your shades so that they are open at times when the sun is streaming through your windows. This will help you maximize the impact of the warmth of the sun. Similarly, when it is hot outside and you are trying to keep it cooler indoors, you can schedule your window treatments to close when the sun is at its peak.

If you want to enjoy convenience with automated shades and save time and money, visit Blind Builders in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. We serve the surrounding area including Yardley, Warrington, and Doylestown, and our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the entire process from design to installation. Don’t waste any more of your time; contact us today for a free consultation!