Adding Motorized Window Treatments for Homes Near Warrington, Pennsylvania (PA) like PowerView Motorization for Privacy

Adding Motorized Window Treatments for Homes

April 5th, 2019 General

Motorized operating systems can significantly improve the overall functionality and appearance of not only your home, but also your life. Although window treatments may not seem like something that could be preventing you from maximizing the benefits of your home, they are actually an important element within your space. Hunter Douglas has created motorized window treatments that would work perfectly in your home in Warrington, Pennsylvania. There are different types of motorized systems that will complement your home and make it easier to control. Read on to learn more about adding motorized window treatments to homes.

Of all the motorized systems from Hunter Douglas, the PowerView® Motorization system is the most popular. This system actually won the Red Dot Design Award for 2018, which is highly regarded within the design world, because it was one of the first products of its kind to come on the market. The PowerView® Motorization system is innovative for its design and ability to transform a space.

It alleviates any of the stresses that you may have surrounding your window treatments because it puts you in control and allows you to manage that control at the push of a button. You can precisely position your window treatments and even schedule those scenes to move into place at various points of the day. If you prefer to minimize light and make your space more private in the evenings, then you can schedule your window treatments to close at the same time every night. Similarly, if you look forward to sleeping in on the weekends then you can choose when your window treatments would open on those days to let in the light.

This operating system is great because you can control it through a remote or choose to control your window treatments through an app for your smart device. The remote allows for you to customize up to six scenes and gives you the ability to choose from any of those six at any time. However, the app gives you the most customization and control options.

You can even choose to control your window treatments remotely, making motorized systems a safety benefit. You can schedule your window treatments to take position at certain times of the day, giving the appearance that you are home when you’re away to prevent intruders. Similarly, you can save on your heating and cooling bills by having your window treatments coincide with the position of the sun throughout the day to maximize natural light.

Other motorized window treatments include the SoftTouch™ Motorization system which is controlled using a wand attached to the window treatment and is battery-operated, as well as specific systems for skylights, larger window areas, specialty shaped windows, and vertical blinds. Motorized window treatments are a great addition to your home in Warrington, Pennsylvania so come see us today at Blind Builders to find the right one for you. Although any of the options from Hunter Douglas would work in your space, it is important that you find the ideal system for your needs.

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